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We started trading in June 2017 and since then, have already built a strong reputation in the Stocktaking Services industry in Glasgow, Clydebank & Paisley. We have a small but growing client base of local pubs and clubs, which have all been based on recommendations so far.  All our stock auditors have been trained by The Insititute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors, and we operate professional StockMaster Software, which provides detailed reports.

Stocktaking Services Pubs, Clubs, Hotels Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland

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Monday 9 am – 5pm
Tuesday 9 am – 5pm
Wednesday 9 am – 5pm
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Friday 9 am – 5pm

Some of our happy clients...

Most of our clients tend to be Pubs, Club Owners, Hotels & Hospitality Management and Business Sales Agents who require a stock take upon changeover.

What is a Stocktaking Company & Stock Auditing?

Stocktaking also known as Inventory Management or Stock Audits, is the process of organising and managing the volume and condition of items held in an inventory.  Once this information is recorded, it is then the job of the Stock Auditor/Stocktaker to report the value of the stock held and provide detailed reports on the effect your stock held/stock use/price/profit/margin is having on your business, allowing you to make the important decisions you should be making to ensure your business remains profitable and reaches its full potential.

We provide a full audit of existing Stock for your business on an initial visit, and then return periodically to monitor and report on the ongoing value of your stock, wastage, resolve unexplained losses, Gross Profit Percentages, etc Our clients usually require a stock check/count in monthly or quarterly intervals or annually, normally at the end of their fiscal year.

We can also provide a valuation service for stock on the sale of a business, to ensure an accurate valuation is acquired of the goods held by the seller, for both the interest of seller/purchaser alike.

Why Use A Stocktaker?

Its simple really. More control over your business.

Stock is a valuable asset to your business, and probably the most susceptible to pilferage, damage and unnecessary waste.
Stock Audits ensure any shortages or wastage are recorded and highlighted, meaning you can take immediate action to resolve this.
We can advise you on markup/margins, and identify the products that are making you the most money.  We can highlight areas that need closer attention and continue to monitor this to ensure you have current information to act upon.

We offer our services in the following areas:

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Stocktaking Services Pubs, Clubs, Hotels Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland


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Stocktaking Services Pubs, Clubs, Hotels Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland

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Stocktaking Services Pubs, Clubs, Hotels Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland

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